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Founders & History 


Founded in 1997 with operations having begun in early 1998‚ Air Excel is one of Tanzania's owner-run and operated air charter companies. Starting with one plane and a staff of two‚ the company today employs 40 staff- and crew-members and has a fleet of seven aircraft‚ ranging from 9 to 19 seaters. 

Since its inception and subsequent growth‚ Air Excel still maintains the owner run and operated philosophy of pulling out all stops for personalized‚ friendly‚ safe and efficient service.

Air Excel specializes in private air-charter services within Tanzania and East Africa as well as scheduled services to the Northern Circuit‚ Kilimanjaro‚ Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam.

 Air Excel's first aircraft‚ 5H-SRT‚ which was a Cessna 210.