Lobo (Serengeti‚ Tanzania)
Lobo is located in the North of Serengeti National Park, only 28 km from the Masai Mara, the most spectacular scenario of wildlife in its pure essence. Lobo is ideally set in the migratory route of over two and a half million of wildebeest in their desperate struggle for survival. 

The Lobo area is dominated by rolling hills. Owing to the undulating nature of the landscape, it is an ideal area to view animals from a distance, especially around Lobo Kopjes kopjes are eroded granite hills that were created millions of years ago when volcanic bubbles broached the surface and solidified they were then eroded by rains, creating singularly beautiful forms. These higher grounds provide fantastic views of the migration in the grasslands to the east. The waterholes spread all over the area attract a variety of wildlife such as elephant, zebra, buffalo and gazelle.
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