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DOLLY (KILI GOLF) | Near Arusha National Park

Dolly clubhouse view 

Dolly airstrip is on the doorstep of the Usa River area and the Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate. This makes it the ideal point to fly in and out of for guests staying at lodges and properties at either of these locations‚ as it provides the opportunity to sleep in and bypass the traffic of driving through Arusha. 

It’s also a stone throw away from the entrance to the Arusha National Park; a gem of a park that is nestled on the foothills of Mt. Meru and that is not as well-trodden as the more popular parks in Tanzania (Serengeti‚ Manyara‚ etc).

For avid golfers‚ the Kilimanjaro Golf Club is around the corner‚ which consists of the first 18-hole championship golf course in Tanzania.

Nearby destinations include:     ARUSHA     KILIMANJARO 



Departure From To Arrival
9:30 Arusha Dolly (Kili Golf) 9:40
12:30 Arusha Dolly (Kili Golf) 12:40
11:50 Manyara Dolly (Kili Golf) 12:40
9:40 Ndutu (NCAA) Dolly (Kili Golf) 12:40
09:45 - 10:40 Serengeti Dolly (Kili Golf) 12:40
11:05 Seronera Dolly (Kili Golf) 12:40
9:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Kuro 10:15
9:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Manyara 10:45
9:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Mwiba 11:20
9:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Ndutu(NCAA) 11:00 - 12:00
9:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Serengeti 12:00 - 12:30
9:50 Dolly (Kili Golf) Seronera 12:30

All times are estimates and depend on the final route on the day.

There are multiple airstrips we fly to through out the Serengeti.

Serengeti airstrips are seasonal.

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