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CESSNA 208B | Grand Caravan


The Cessna 208B‚ commonly known as the Grand Caravan or C208B‚ is a single engine jet-prop 13 seater‚ high-wing plane with belly pod. It has a high payload and is ideal for flying in and out of short airstrips and filming. We operate six C208B‚ of which one is a 9-seater with 8 executive seats (see below).

CESSNA 208B | Luxury Seating

Executive interior 

One of the six Cessna 208B we operate (see above) is outfitted with comfortable‚ larger seating ideal for luxury travel. It has a total of 9 seats: 8 executive seats and 1 seat next to the pilot.

LET 410


The Let 410 E20 is a twin engine jet-prop that requires two crew to operate it‚ can seat up to 19 passengers‚ has high wings‚ and is the largest cabin in its class. Perfect for groups 13 to 19 strong planning to fly between airstrips and airports in Tanzania‚ as well as to points of entry and exit in Kenya‚ Uganda and Rwanda.

There are a few airstrips where restrictions apply to the number of passengers on board. This depends on route/distance flown and the condition of the airstrip‚ but will be maximum 16 or 17 passengers.