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CESSNA 208B | Grand Caravan


The Cessna 208B or better known as the Grand Caravan is a single engine jet-prop 13 seater. high wing plane with belly pod. It has a high payload and is ideal for flying in and out of short airstrips and filming. We operate eight Cessna 208B‚ of which one is a 9-seater with 8 executive seats (see below).

CESSNA 208B | Luxury Seating

Executive interior 

One of the eight Cessna 208B we operate (see above) is outfitted with comfortable‚ leather seating ideal for luxury travel. It has a total of 9 seats: 8 executive seats and 1 seats next to the pilot.

LET 410


The Let 410 is a twin engine jet-prop 17 to 19 seater (number of passengers depends on route/distance flown). It has the largest cabin in its class.